POSPerfect II

POSPerfect II 4.09

POSperfect is the POS and Branch Back Office system
4.09.05 (See all)

POSperfect is the POS and Branch Back Office system. It is written in Delphi and the latest versions use a Firebird database through the InterBase Objects (IBO) Database engine.
The principle design criteria was that "The POS Terminals must not depend on a Server or Network to process sales" and that "Online/Offline transitions must be seamless".
The system maintains a mission critical database on every terminal so that the POS functions are not Server dependent. This allows the POS terminal to function when a network or Server is down which eliminates the need and cost of a Backup Server to achieve redundancy. In addition this design divorces the POS processing functions from any network or Server bottlenecks so that a major processing task on the Server does not impact on standard sales processing. The background network management processes in POSperfect handle any offline/online conditions seamlessly.
The Server or Master terminal for each store maintains an up-to-the-minute detailed stock and sales history of every stock item movement and every transaction. In addition, the database automatically consolidates individual product history into group history for up to 4 hierarchical groups (e.g. Department/Class), plus Vendor consolidation and up to 4 horizontal user definable groups e.g. Label, Brand, Pack Type, etc. The system also supports SKU/PLU, SKU/Barcode and SKU/Size/Colour (matrix) merchandise types.

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